i'm a daddy's girl.  i am ridiculously sentimental about snow.  i cry every day, not because i am sad but because i am moved.  i dance well.  i dance often.  i play guitar often, but not well.  i collect sea glass, curious objects, fine photographs and brave people.  i am a good mother.  i am a good friend.  i will be making art until my very last day which i hope is about 50 years from now where they'll find me at the ocean with a pocket full of seaglass, my last roll of film and a look of contentment.

 I was raised in a small, back-woods Southeast Texas town.  I did not grow up with an exposure to art.  I did not have an uncle with a darkroom.  I didn't really hold a camera until I was a grown woman.  I am a self-taught artist committed to film and the traditional wet darkroom.  I work intuitively in every creative element of my medium with an acute awareness of what and who has come before me.  My life experiences have brought me to this place where I find myself overwhelmed with the drive to make photographs about who I am...what moves me, what I feel inside, what I believe to be sacred and enduring.  I make pictures to challenge, calm, excite and satisfy my mind and heart.  I share my work in hopes of leaving some permanent, telling mark on the world...that I Was Here.  

"Lori Vrba is a self-taught, photo-based artist with a home studio in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  Her imagery and assemblage is rooted in themes of memory, illusion, loss, and revival with the southern sensibilities of storytelling.  Her work is held in private and permanent collections through out the world.  Vrba has curated a number of recognized exhibitions including Tribe for the Fox Talbot Museum in 2018.  Her first monograph The Moth Wing Diaries was named one of the top ten photo books of 2015 by American Photo Magazine.  She is co-founder of Pigs Fly Retreats.”

for information regarding editioned prints, unique objects, exhibitions or lectures...

email lori@lorivrba.com