Museum of Fine Arts Houston !!!!!!!!!

It's officially official.  Feral is going into the permanent collection for MFAH.  I am kind of out of my mind with happiness.  Thank you Del Zogg for ALWAYS showing up for me.  You are jet fuel.  And thank you to Houston's Photo Forum members who funded the purchase of this piece.


One of the very best experiences I've ever had in photography.  Just back from Zebulon, Georgia where I worked and played with my Posse.  Anne Berry, Ann George, S. Gayle Stevens and Bryce Lankard.  We put together a kick ass pop up show.  Here is how it all went down...

Hellloooo Charlotte

I do love the Light Factory.  And I am so honored and humbled to be speaking for their Luminaries Lecture Series this Thursday, July 18th at 7pm at the UNC Charlotte Center City Building.  Here is a link with more info.  Please come.  

The Light Factory


Failure To Launch

Making the work, pimping the work, the game, dance, politics and inner mechanics of the art world.  For me...this is cathartic film making.  (And I use the term 'film making' loosely)

Beasts of The Southern Wild

I have deep affection for the Georgian Barrier Islands.  They are strange, exotic and southern.  I've just returned from a trip to Cumberland and Jekyll where I was blessed with the company of Anne Berry and Heidi Kirkpatrick...2 kick ass artists I now cherish as dear friends.