Where I'm From

Written by the delightful Lizzie Mabe.  She is 11.


Where I'm From
 by Lizzie Mabe
I am from four square,
From hopscotch and dandelion wishes.  
I am from the time machine,
And the four elements of the fairy world, 
All in my own backyard.
I am from diving boards and ice cream sandwiches,
So cool on a hot day.
I am from mosquitos and lizards,
From squirrells and birdseed.
I'm from Baby Jessie,
And chex mix.
I am from the smell of paint,
Plum pie and salami sandwiches.
I am from Matilda and do re mi.
From the bird clock,
Cheerfully chirping at the hour.
I am from mexican jumping beans,
And popping popcorn,
On the bouncy trampoline. 
I am from thunderstorms,
From rain falling on my face.
I'm from picture books,
From swinging off the rope swing.
I am from the back porch,
Watching the fire die down,
Roasting marshmallows in the moonlight.




I'm not a big fan of the term "emerging artist."  I think it's over used and generally ill-defined.  I mean, at what point is the artist fully emerged?  I don't call myself an emerging artist but I am emerging...from a relatively isolated life (self-imposed) that I've been living in my beloved Chapel Hill.  Tomorrow night will mark a milestone for me.  I have been given the opportunity to introduce myself and my work to my own community.  This means so much to me.  Carroll Hall on UNC campus.  6pm.  MAP

Listen To Your Gut, Gut Check, No Guts No Glory

I've had a big stack of vintage medical illustrations in my office for nearly a year now.  They are both beautiful and grisly.  I have known that I would photograph them...wasn't sure how or why but 2 mornings ago, I fired off one roll.  I was curious what they would look like photographed.  Does anyone care?  Are they vile?  Would anyone show them?  Would anyone buy them?  Is it so much of a departure from everything I've done before that it's against the rules?  Is it just a dumb idea?  I don't ask myself those kinds of questions anymore because that questioning slows me down to a crawl.  And then sucks all the air out of the room.  No life without air.  I choose life.  Life rocks.  

"Mack The Knife"


I love this....

From Benh Zeitlin, director of Beasts of the Southern Wild (interview with The Atlantic)

"It says something about how people should behave and what it is to be good. That's the thing about a folk tale: It is always addressing incredibly key issues about how you should live and what the right thing to do is, which is really what I'm the most interested in—like the questions that religion takes on. And I think that, for those of us that aren't religious, we need, or I need, art that stimulates the same kind of thinking about what it is to be a mensch, or a good man, things like that."




I am honored (and totally STOKED) to have "Blindfold" in the Fundraiser and Fine Art Photography Auction to support the re-election of Barack Obama...the big idea of an amazing, generous collector here in Chapel Hill...Frank Konhaus.  He and his brilliant wife Ellen give.  They give big.  Click here to see event details and their always inspiring life at Cassilhaus.