Exhibition at the Dishman Museum!

 i am so very proud of this show curated by dennis kiel for myself and anne berry.  this was three years in the making.  at the Dishman Art Museum of Lamar University, Beaumont, TX till March 5th

Intrusions of Grace: A Visual Response to the Writings of Flannery O' Connor

Flannery O’Connor was aware of the connection between fiction and visual art; she argued that writers sometimes painted because it made them notice things.  Both the writer and the visual artist should be concerned with showing the reader or viewer something important, what Joseph Conrad called “that glimpse of truth for which you had forgotten to ask.” Flannery O’Connor’s fiction deals with mystery that can be felt but maybe not understood; intrusions of grace always occur but are not always seen by the modern intellect. The works in this exhibit also hint at the mystery of the unknown and the existence of things beyond the surface. These works, like O’Connor’s stories, present something real and believable while hinting at what is invisible but nonetheless true.