The Portal Review

Polly Gaillard has reviewed my show Portal at the Southeast Center for Photography.  She is a wonderful writer and someone who looks deeply.  I am fortunate beyond measure to have her consider this exhibition.  Thank you Polly Gaillard and Michael Pannier.  Here is an excerpt but you can read the entire review here.

The exhibition is closely tied together throughout the space. On entry, Vrba's Mind's Eye hangs above her sign-in book (a vintage ledger from Ohio titled Record of Baggage Check Forwarded and Received).  Encountering the images and thoughtful installations as you walk throughout the gallery is something that can only be experienced firsthand, given the three-dimensional quality of much of the exhibition.  One will not only admire the quality of the silver gelatin prints, but also experience a dimension of seeing through round mirrors and magnifying glasses used as portals to reference another dimension of time and space.  You don’t get the idea of the depth of the work from Vrba’s website since websites are a place limited in the ability to demonstrate experience or three-dimensional space.  The show at SE Center for Photography is a welcome dimensional surprise.  My technical mind wants to know how Vrba managed the reproduction of imagery within or on mirrors, but the aesthetic is consistent and strong enough that I turn off my techno-logical self and think about falling through the space of Vrba's portals.