I am sitting in a North Carolina Drivers License Office waiting to renew my drivers license that expired 8 months ago. I'm waiting to take a vision test (yeah I got your vision DMV), and a test on my signage knowledge and then they'll want to take my picture. I am perfectly clear on my reasons for putting this off for so many months. The Buzzing Ultra Violent Lighting is ample reason alone.

I was determined to write an upbeat blog post.  HA HOW AM I DOIN'?

How about Spring? I would be hard-pressed to find any complaints about SPRING!

How is my Nest you ask?  She is amaaaaazing.  Thank you.

There.  I've righted myself.

So I've been in a pretty good place creatively.  THAT'S especially wonderful and noticed and appreciated.  Hey Art Gods, if you're listening to me type - Thank you and I'm not finished making stuff so keep it coming por~favor.

The ideas are coming faster than I can birth them.  And for the first time in my life, my dreams are filled with A R T...vivid, gorgeous, strange ideas all night long.  Last night I was successfully collaborating with Vic Muniz.  wtf.  Sleep has never been so fun.

Also, I've been thinking about the people in and out of my life.  I've lost more than my fair share of people as I've said before.  I do believe in the tight edit.  But lately I've been thinking about the relationships that remain tried and true.  I have a renewed appreciation for my collection of extraordinary human beings I am humbled to know as friends.  The last few months have brought this fact back into the good light.  I have done one thing very well.  I have found the best people.  They love me when I'm sad.  They still love me when I'm mean.  And they are cheering the loudest when I finally get my shit together and stop with all the sad and mean.

My invincible and amazing pal Eliot Dudik made the image here of me and my Nest with his big ass camera of course.  His patient and persistent support and wise council have been invaluable.  AND he made this photograph.  I mean...really.  


This just in...Mbuno from Nigeria of the NC Department of Motor Vehicles has decided that I know enough about road signs.  And she thinks I have vision.  And when I signed on the line for my new license she said, "Oooh I LIKE your signature! You an artist?"   heh heh heh

peace out bitchachos