Observations of a Little Girl

I found this buried in my old blog and I felt grateful.  I wrote this on April 24th, 2008


On the surface, Olivia appears to be above it all.  Sarcasm, bossiness and ambivalence could lead one to believe that she is not much of a deep thinker.  That she doesn't feel anything too deeply.  That she's too busy running the show to notice.  As her mother, I know better.

At bedtime...

Olivia:  You know mom, some people think God made people but they're wrong.

Me:  Oh really?

Olivia:  People evolved from monkeys.

Me:  Well maybe God planned it that way.  Where do you think those monkeys came from?

Olivia:  Other monkeys.

At the dinner table...

Olivia:  What if those baby birds fall out of their nest?

Me:  Well they will probably die.

Olivia:  What if the mama bird leaves and doesn't come back?

Me:  Sometimes it happens that way.  Even in the woods...the baby birds fall out, or something eats them, or the mama bird abandons them.  Nature isn't always kind.

Olivia:  But these birds are on our porch.  We can save them.

Me:  Yes, that mama bird was very smart.  Our porch is a good place to have babies but still...they may not live.  Ya never know for sure.

Olivia:  Well that's not fair.

Me:  No it isn't.

Pregnant fish, floating dead in the top of the aquarium.  Olivia bursts into tears...sobs for half an hour...three days later we discover two tiny baby fish...

Olivia:  Their mama is dead.  How will they eat?

Me:  I'm not sure. But maybe they can.

Olivia:  We should feed them extra tiny food.


Jim:  You can't do that.  They will either make it or they won't.

Olivia:  That's not fair.

Me:  No it isn't.

My girl is obviously going to carry on my tradition of conflict with Mother Nature.  I suppose I should steer her into a loving relationship with that Mutha but how can I?  I've learned that I can be disgusted and in awe at the same time.  Its unfair and wrong.  Its perfect.  Look away.  Closely observe.  Reject.  Embrace.

Olivia:  Let's go check on the baby birds.

Me:  Good idea.