a muse yourself

 Once upon a time there was a girl who had a blog.  She whole heartedly posted almost every day.  She thought of it as her diary and wrote freely without a hint of self consciousness.  She loved the blog.  And then some weird stuff went down where a few freak-o-philes started stalking and commenting and e-mailing and a dark cloud moved over her blog life and she became very aware of her vulnerability in the badness of the world.  And she shut it down.  She was safe from the freaks.  But she missed the blog.  For a long long time.

 She grew older and a bit wiser.  She reconsidered the blogging and the badness of the world and chose light and creativity just to spite the mean freaks.  She decided it was time to write her ass off and flames began to fire off of her smoking keyboard of full-blown expression.

I am lori vrba.  I prefer my name in lower-case.  I'm 51.  Writing seems to help me process my own thoughts in a way.  I don't edit myself much.  Over-thinking the writing would murder whatever goodness it might hold.  I'm also not much of a stickler for the rules of grammar and punctuation.  I am a huge fan of the dot dot dot…it's the perfect pause.  These are the things that might annoy you or someone and I'm giving you or someone the immediate heads up…cool your jets or move on dot com.  Namaste Bitchachos.  Word…I do enjoy sarcastic humor.  Very much.

I'm going for it.  I'm going to write about my whole life because I don't separate the art from the kids from the daily chores from the guitar from the best friends from the hurt feelings from the long walks in the woods from the crying from the laughing so hard you snort or maybe wet your pants a little.  It's all the same life.  Mine.  Welcome.  ( Jim Vrba just came in and informed me that there are several mis-spelled words in this first post.  GOD DON'T BE SUCH A HATER )