Listen To Your Gut, Gut Check, No Guts No Glory

I've had a big stack of vintage medical illustrations in my office for nearly a year now.  They are both beautiful and grisly.  I have known that I would photograph them...wasn't sure how or why but 2 mornings ago, I fired off one roll.  I was curious what they would look like photographed.  Does anyone care?  Are they vile?  Would anyone show them?  Would anyone buy them?  Is it so much of a departure from everything I've done before that it's against the rules?  Is it just a dumb idea?  I don't ask myself those kinds of questions anymore because that questioning slows me down to a crawl.  And then sucks all the air out of the room.  No life without air.  I choose life.  Life rocks.  

"Mack The Knife"