Where I'm From

Written by the delightful Lizzie Mabe.  She is 11.


Where I'm From
 by Lizzie Mabe
I am from four square,
From hopscotch and dandelion wishes.  
I am from the time machine,
And the four elements of the fairy world, 
All in my own backyard.
I am from diving boards and ice cream sandwiches,
So cool on a hot day.
I am from mosquitos and lizards,
From squirrells and birdseed.
I'm from Baby Jessie,
And chex mix.
I am from the smell of paint,
Plum pie and salami sandwiches.
I am from Matilda and do re mi.
From the bird clock,
Cheerfully chirping at the hour.
I am from mexican jumping beans,
And popping popcorn,
On the bouncy trampoline. 
I am from thunderstorms,
From rain falling on my face.
I'm from picture books,
From swinging off the rope swing.
I am from the back porch,
Watching the fire die down,
Roasting marshmallows in the moonlight.